Movie Review | “Storks” 2016

by Mica Wilhite

storks_film_poster_2Babies come from pumpkin seeds, in case you were wondering. According to Crystal in Ann Arbor, Michigan, “when two people love each other, the dad buys a pumpkin seed and gives it to the mom. Then her stomach gets big like a pumpkin!”

Good to know since the Cornerstore on Stork Mountain has profitably transitioned from delivering babies to delivering packages. By mistake, though, the baby-making machine is turned on and out pops a smiling, cooing, pink-haired, blue-eyed baby girl that needs to be delivered to a family.

“Storks” is the under-the-radar but over-the-top funny fall film that will warm your heart. Nate Gardner (Anton Starkman) is the young son of a career-oriented, headset- wearing “fun Dad and mean Mom”. The story centers on the letter he writes to Cornerstore asking for a baby brother.

The cinematic comedy comes from watching Tulip (Katie Crown) and Junior (Andy Samberg) navigate treacherous panes of glass and an uber teamwork oriented pack of wolves in order to deliver Diamond and all the other babies that have accidentally been made at Cornerstore.

Rick Warren says that we should always have children in our lives to keep us from being selfish. In a super sugary sweet scene, the Alpha and Beta wolves begin to do what wolves do only to have their self-centered attentions diverted when Diamond begins to do what babies do. After seeing it, see if you do not “agree, agree, agree, agree” that you are in love with that baby.

“Storks” is showing at the Marshall Cinema with a PG rating for some action scenes. Call (903) 935- 5662 or visit for a full list of show times and to share where your children say babies come from. Then, go see “Storks” soon so you can find out what family Diamond was destined to be delivered to … by a stork.

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