GCLA has a winner of the Ron Atwood print, ‘Mossy Break’

gcla-winnerRon Atwood, renowned wildlife artist, generously donated a one of a kind Giclee (zhe-clay) print, titled “Mossy Break”, to the Greater Caddo Lake Association. The beautifully-framed print, #6 of 100, is made uniquely valuable by the addition of Don Henley’s signature on the back side of the print. Henley (of The Eagles), is a staunch supporter of Caddo Lake and the Caddo Biocontrol Alliance, and he and Atwood requested that all proceeds from the sale of this print be directed to the Caddo Biocontrol Alliance Morley Hudson Weevil Greenhouse. The proud winner of the Ron Atwood print is Pete Norton of Atlanta, Texas. Mr. Norton also has a home on Pine Island Pond. Many thanks to everyone that bought a raffle ticket! Pictured with the Caddo Biocontrol Alliance officers and Ron Atwood the artist, is Holley Noon, a long time GCLAand Dallas Caddo Club member. Holley sold 213 raffle tickets or 20% of all tickets sold. She is the energizer bunny of raffle tickets! To thank Holley for her efforts she was presented a 5″X7″ of Mossy Break on slate – also painted and signed by Ron Atwood.

From left to right: Steve Sedberry board member, Holley Noon, Ted Barrow Vice President, Ron Atwood, Jan Cook treasurer, Robert Speight secretary and Daren Horton president.

(Please contact us today for a print or email subscription to the Jefferson Jimplecute! — (903) 665-2462, JIMPLECUTE1848@GMAIL.COM)


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