After School Enrichment Program to start at the Cumberland Presbyterian Church

By Carla Bass/Staff Writer

after-school-programHaving noticed that there was a lack educational afterschool opportunities in the town of Jefferson, The Cumberland Presbyterian Church is taking steps to provide a well-rounded education for Jefferson youths through the Afterschool Enrichment Program.
“We had been noticing that there weren’t really a lot of Art or dance classes available locally, –opportunities for our children to be exposed to things that are available in larger communities, and we decided to take steps to remedy that” said Kathy Thomas, coordinator of the Program.

She went on to explain, “We asked the CPC congregation
for volunteers to teach courses, and they really came through. We are able to offer Art, Dance, Science Lab, Music, Crafts and PE. We had High School teachers, professional dance teachers and college professors come forward to volunteer. Todd Camplin, the art teacher at Marshall High School has agreed to take the art class. Melissa Boyd, is a recent newcomer to Jefferson, but has experience as a dance teacher, having taught ballet, tap, and jazz and she will be sharing those activities with the children.

This first year, they are capping enrollment at 20. It is anticipated that a group of that size will be good to get started with and will still be small enough to be manageable. They have about half of those spots filled, but are looking to getting all the way to 20. More children…more friends…more art.

They are starting a program that offers…


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