O’, say can you see…

You have to love liberals. The far left is every bit as predictable and off target as the far right.

If Colin Kaepernick announced he was taking a knee during the “National Anthem” because Chinese served white rice, a dozen university professors would issue papers on the psychological damage to black men caused by white rice. The next day, 200 columnists and a hand-full of TV talking heads would relay their findings to an anxious world. Chris Matthews would probably swear to never touch the stuff again.

While Matthews is probably safe from starchless sweet and sour pork, the rest of us are left to contemplate the real consequences of the San Francisco quarterback action and the accompanying deluge of misinformation.

Lost in the crowd noise is Kaepernick’s expressed purpose for his protest – to draw attention to the deaths of black men at the hands of law enforcement officers. The dog-chasing-its-tail logic of peaceful protest and even the validity of the “Star Spangled Banner” as our “National Anthem”  have captured the public’s attention.

Certainly, Kaepernick has a right as an American to express himself under the First Amendment. That doesn’t make him right, however. Nor does everyone else forfeit their right to disagree, publically or in private, with his actions either in form or substance…

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