Successful district evacuation drill conducted

Carla Bass


Jefferson ISD successfully completed a full district-wide evacuation Wednesday morning, September 22. In watching the practice take place, it appeared to have been well-planned and executed smoothly.

Superintendent Rob Barnwell said, “Today we held a planned, district-wide evacuation drill. We conduct these sorts of drills periodically in order to accomplish two main things….first, we need to simply practice emergency procedures so that we can be prepared for an actual emergency event, but also, these drills help us determine ways to improve the efficiency of our plans, as we usually experience some ‘snags’ along the way that need to be addressed. Today, we simply evacuated our students/ staff from each campus and traveled to our football stadium. In the event of an actual emergency that would require us to completely leave the Jefferson area, we have verbal agreements with Linden-Kildare CISD and Karnack ISD that will allow us to be transported to one (or both) of those districts, as necessary.”
triage-area“Our district safety coordinator is Terence Jimerson,” added Barnwell. “Not only does he receive annual training in the various areas of School Safety, he has worked diligently to ensure all our staff and students are prepared for all types of emergency events. Mr. Jimerson also routinely holds ‘safety meetings’ with our administrators and other staff. The topics of those meetings include fire drills, evacuation drills (campus and/or district-wide), active shooter drills, tornado drills, and other sorts of possible emergency situations. Due to the fact that our campuses are located near railroad tracks, which experience a heavy traffic load, we discuss and plan for events surrounding the possibility of chemical spills, derailment, and other train-related accidents, too.”

At the football field the elementary and primary students unloaded and were seated on the visitor’s side of the football field, and Junior High and High School were on the home side. In speaking with Jimerson, he was pleased with how well the plan worked…

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