Marion County Jail Report

Michael Ray Bruce, Avinger, 18, charged with possession of marijuana, failure to display valid ID, failure to maintain proof of financial responsibility. Held pending $100,100 in bonds.

Justin Randale Cooper, Jefferson, 17, charged with terroristic threat. Held pending $100,000 bond.

Ontarius Kentrell Dudley, Karnack, 26, charged with possession of marijuana. Bond set at $1,500.

Kayla Kathryn Fondren, Bossier City, charged with credit card or debit card abuse. Held without bond.

Jamarcus Gaderson, Marshall, 23, charged with deadly conduct. Held without bond.

Alonzo Dewayne Jackson, Bossier City, 55, charged with theft of property. Held pending $1,500 bond.

Fredrick Donual Jackson, Jefferson, 26, charged with Class C misdemeanor. Released for time served.

Noah Fulton Jackson, Jefferson, 28, charged with sexual assault. Held without bond.

Trevor Kyle Malone, Carthage, 43, charged with criminal mischief. Bond set at $2,500.

Steven Eugene Mask, Jefferson, 45, charged with criminal non support. Held without bond.

Jonathan Thomas McClure, Jefferson, 26, charged with assault causes bodily injury. Bond set at $2,500.

Kristi Lynn Pummill, Jefferson, 27, charged with assault causes bodily injury. Bond set at $2,500.

David Ray Walker, Jefferson, 44, charged with assault of a public servant, resisting arrest, terroristic threat. Held pending $110,000 in bonds.
Byron Keith Wesley, Daingerfield, 52, charged with three counts of assault of a public servant and violation of parole. Bonds totaled $300,000.


Jimmy Steve Wilburn, Ore City, 58, charged with driving while intoxicated. Held without bond.

Robert Lee Williams, Jefferson, 49, charged with criminal non-support. Held without bond.

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